“Warlord: Seek Revenge In A Dark And Sensual World –┬áIn A World Plagued By An Oppressive Empire’s Growing Influence, Brutality Runs Rampant. This Empire’s Armies Spread Like Wildfire, Leaving Nothing But Ashes, Pillaged Lands, And Shattered Lives In Their Wake. As The Shadow Of This Empire Looms Ever Larger, A Young Man And His Two Sisters Become Unfortunate Victims Of Their Cruel Assault. Left Scarred By The Violence And Tragedy, They Emerge From The Chaos With A Burning Desire For Vengeance. Thus Begins The Dark And Twisted Tale Of “Warlord.” Play Game

A World Void Of Gods

After The Fall Of Olympus, The Gods Have Gradually Vanished From The Earth, Leaving A Power Vacuum That Humanity Is Eager To Fill. It Is In This Void That A Brutal Empire Emerges, With Ambitions Of Conquest That Lead To Widespread Destruction. Pillaging, Burning, And Murder Become Their Methods As They Establish Dominion Over The Land. The Cruelty And Callousness Of This New Empire Are Bound To Have Consequences, And One Such Consequence Unfolds When Imperial Soldiers Descend Upon A Small Farmstead. This Brutal Attack Transforms The Survivors Into A New Enemy: A Young Man And His Two Sisters, Who Escape At A Heavy Cost And Swear Vengeance Upon Those Who Have Wronged Them.

A Text-heavy Visual Novel

“Warlord” Is A Text-heavy Visual Novel That Immerses You In A Rich Narrative. You Step Into The Shoes Of A Male Farm-boy Harboring A Dark Secret. Before The Farmstead’s Attack, You Suffered A Mortal Wound, Which Prompted Your Sisters To Take Desperate Measures To Save Your Life. They Brought You To A Witch Who Conducted A Bonding Ritual, Linking You With A Succubus Spirit. This Unholy Union Grants You Powers Associated With Both Chaos And Lust. The Choices You Make, Whether To Use These Newfound Abilities Or Not, Will Shape Your Character’s Outlook And Impact The Game’s Branching Storylines. Choose Your Affinities Wisely, As They Will Dictate Whether Your Journey Is One Of Love Or Darkness.

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A Hybrid Graphics Experience

“Warlord” Blends An Intimate And Dramatic Narrative With High-quality Animations And Visuals. While Much Of The Story Is Conveyed Through Text, Scenic, Stylized Images, And Animated Sequences Enhance The Storytelling Experience.


Male Protagonist: The Story Unfolds Through The Eyes Of A Young Farm-boy With A Powerful Secret.

Animations: Enjoy An Immersive Narrative Punctuated By High-quality Animations That Bring The Story To Life.

Immersive Storytelling: Dive Deep Into The Game’s Rich Narrative, Filled With Tension, Emotion, And Complex Relationships.

Current Content (As Of Version 0.14):

14 Chapters Of A Gripping Story.
Over 100 Animated Images And Cg Art Pieces.
14 Animated Scenes With Variations, Contingent On Your Chosen Route.
Content “Flavors” (Current And Planned):

Oral Sex.
Male-female Sexual Encounters.
Incestuous Relationships.
Group Sex.
Themes Of Corruption And Manipulation.
Hypnosis And Seduction.
System Requirements

To Ensure A Seamless Gaming Experience, Make Sure Your System Meets The Following Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 Or Later.
Processor: Pentium Or Core Cpu.
Memory: 4 Gb Ram.
Graphics: 2gb VRam.
Storage: 2 Gb Available Space.
Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 11.
Processor: Intel Core Or Amd Zen Or Later.
Memory: 8 Gb Ram.
Graphics: 4gb VRam.
Storage: 4 Gb Available Space.


“Warlord” Invites You Into A Dark And Immersive World Filled With Revenge, Power, And Erotic Undertones. As A Text-heavy Visual Novel, It Delivers A Compelling Narrative Through A Series Of Choices That Will Shape The Path You Traverse. With Its Captivating Storytelling, High-quality Animations, And Deep Character Development, “Warlord” Promises An Unforgettable Gaming Experience. Whether You Seek Intense Narratives, Visual Delights, Or Both, This Game Offers A Captivating Journey Through A World Shrouded In Darkness And Desire.

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