Russia Inside Out New year

Russia Inside Out: New Year – A Love Story Set In The Heart Of Russia – “Russia Inside Out: New Year” Invites You To Embark On A Journey Through The Heart Of Russia And Experience A Captivating Love Story. In This Immersive Jrpg With Elements Of A Visual Novel, You’ll Explore The Complexities Of Love And Relationships As An Ordinary Guy From The Provinces. The Narrative Reaches Its Zenith During The New Year Celebration With His Four Girlfriends. Get Ready To Dive Into A Story That Captures The Essence Of Russian Culture And Personal Connections. Play Game

A Journey Into The Russian Heartland

Vanya, Our Protagonist, Is An Ordinary Guy Hailing From A Small Town, Facing The Usual Array Of Personal Issues That Life Throws At Him. He Tends To Overthink His Problems, Often Making Them Worse In The Process. On New Year’s Eve, Vanya Finds Himself At A Crossroads, Confronted With Love-related Dilemmas Involving The Girls In His Life.

Let’s Meet These Four Intriguing Girlfriends Who Play Pivotal Roles In Vanya’s Romantic Escapades:

Alina: Alina Shares Vanya’s Rural Roots And Displays A Strong Inclination Toward The Village Life. She Tends To Get Jealous When Other Girls Are In The Picture But Keeps Her Emotions In Check, Adding To Her Charm. Alina Is All About Living Life To The Fullest And Avoiding Dwelling On Misfortunes.

Elona: Originally A Country Girl, Elona Has Evolved Into Someone Who Could Easily Be Mistaken For A City Dweller. Her Transformation Over Time Has Made Her Rather Enigmatic, Piquing Vanya’s Interest.

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Kira: Kira, On The Other Hand, Is A Staunch Lover Of The Village Lifestyle. She Holds A Deep Affection For Her Hometown And Stands Up Against Anyone Who Speaks Ill Of It. While She Is Generally Calm Around Vanya, She Exhibits A Touch Of Timidity And Shyness.

Julia: The Youngest In Temperament, If Not In Age, Julia Brings The Spirit Of A Beloved Sister To The Story. But Don’t Be Fooled; She’s Very Much Part Of The Romantic Competition And Uses Her Own Unique Methods To Vie For Vanya’s Affection.

System Requirements

To Ensure Your Gaming Experience Is Seamless, Make Sure Your System Meets The Following Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo.
Memory: 2 Gb Ram.
Graphics: Graphics Card Supporting Directx 11.
Directx: Version 11.
Storage: 2 Gb Available Space.


“Russia Inside Out: New Year” Offers A Unique And Immersive Narrative Experience That Delves Into The Complex Tapestry Of Love, Choice, And Russian Culture. This Jrpg, Stylized With Russian Influences, Brings To Life The Story Of Vanya, An Ordinary Protagonist With A Multitude Of Romantic Choices Ahead. As The New Year’s Celebration Approaches, You’ll Find Yourself Navigating A Series Of Emotional Challenges, All Set Against The Backdrop Of A Quaint Russian Village.

This Game Takes You On A Journey To Explore The Intricacies Of Vanya’s Relationships With The Four Charming Girls In His Life, Each With Their Own Distinctive Personalities And Backgrounds. Will He Find Love Amidst The Snow-laden Streets Of Rural Russia, Or Will This New Year’s Celebration Be A Turning Point In His Personal Journey?

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Prepare To Embark On A Heartwarming And Emotionally Charged Adventure As You Navigate The Complexities Of Love In “Russia Inside Out: New Year.” With Its Engaging Storytelling And Unique Russian Cultural Elements, This Game Offers A Refreshing And Immersive Gaming Experience That Is Sure To Leave A Lasting Impression.

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