Sex Campus Story Porn Game And Video

Sex Campus Story Porn Game

Set Out On A Thrilling Escapade As The Central Character In “Sex Campus Story,” A Visually Captivating Adult Visual Novel. Your Role Entails That Of A Regular Student Hailing From An Ordinary Family, Leading A Routine And Unremarkable Existence. Play FREE

Embark On An Exhilarating Journey As The Protagonist Of “Sex Campus Story,” An Aesthetically Striking Adult Visual Novel. You Assume The Persona Of An Average Student Hailing From A Conventional Family, Living Out A Mundane Routine. However, The Trajectory Of Your Life Takes A Drastic Turn When An Unlikely Bond Forms Between You And Met, The Entitled Son Of The University President And Your Fellow Classmate.

The Narrative Unfolds Within A Car, Where You And Met Find Yourselves En Route To The University Following A Weekend Hiatus. As The Conversation Unfolds, You Divulge Your Academic Struggles, Teetering On The Brink Of Expulsion. Met Extends An Offer To Assist Through His Connections But Presents A Condition. Within A Week, You Must Seduce Two Of The “Most Unattainable Girls In The District,” Both Of Whom Reside Within The University Dormitory. Only Upon Achieving This Feat Will Met Implore His Father To Intervene On Your Behalf. As Proof Of Your Triumph, You Must Secure The Coveted Panties Of These Girls.

The Initial Girl, Diana, Is Astute, Manipulative, And Exceptionally Intelligent. Countless Boys Who’ve Endeavored To Win Her Affection Have Been Ensnared And Drained By Her Tactics, Yet None Have Triumphed. Her Sole Vulnerability Lies In Her Penchant For Risk-taking And Gambling.

The Second Girl, Katie, Embodies Timidity, Reticence, And A Strong Moral Compass. Her Unwavering Sense Of Responsibility And Virtue Renders Her Impervious To Suitors. However, She Confronts Substantial Academic Hurdles, Particularly With A Specific Professor.

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The Third Character Is Alita, Who Serves As The Very Professor In Question. Authoritative, Solitary, Stern, And Formidable, She Holds Considerable Sway. Upon Seeking Her Aid For Katie, She Proposes Her Own Terms. Before Assisting Katie, You Must Fulfill Alita’s Desires And Acquiesce To Her Conditions. Upon Achieving Success With One Of The Girls, You Encounter Met, Eager To Recount Your Accomplishments.

Plunge Into A Realm Of Carnal Desire, Ethical Quandaries, And Unforeseen Plot Twists Within The Adult Visual Novel, “Sex Campus Story.” You Wield The Power To Navigate Intricate Relationships, Unveil The Shadowy Secrets Harbored By The Girls, And Partake In An Unforgettable Expedition Brimming With Longing And Suspense.

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