Nejicomi Simulator Porn Game And Video

Nejicomi Simulator Porn Game

Introducing (Nejicomi Simulator Porn Game AKA Masturbation Simulator) A Simulation Experience Focused On A Character, A Voluptuous Goat Girl, Animated In Live2d. She’s Suspended Midair For Explicit Content. The Goat Girl Reacts In Real Time To User Interactions, Complete With Sensual Animations That Respond To Your Actions. The Sensations Upon Insertion Are Designed For A Lifelike Experience. Her Responses, Breathing, And Sound Effects Harmonize Seamlessly With Your Commands. Notably, This Content Avoids Repetitive Motions; All Animations Stem From Specialized Physical And Emotional Parameters Crafted For Intimacy. Play FREE

Beyond Standard Modifications Like Ball Gags And Blindfolds, You Can Tailor Various Aspects, Including The Size Of The Character’s Partner. Voiceover By Rinon Hase Enhances The Immersion. The Recorded Voices Are Exclusively For These Scenarios, Complementing The Scenes Perfectly. Some Unique Voices Even Come Into Play Based On Specific Conditions, Adding An Extra Layer Of Intrigue.

In This Experience, Mouse Dragging Controls The Following Parts:


Each Body Part Moves Differently, And Experimenting With Their Manipulation Offers Personalized Enjoyment. While Individual Manipulation Is An Option, The Multi-recording Function Elevates Your Engagement. Overlaying Shots Enables The Creation Of Original Animations. Combine Movements From Different Parts: The Initial Recording For Body Trembles, The Next For Breast Motion, And Subsequent Ones For The Partner’s Actions. Feel Encouraged To Craft Animations Tailored To Your Preferences.

An Emotion Engine Augments The Experience. Facial Expressions Change Automatically Based On Impatience, Pleasure, And Discomfort. Swift And Intense Actions May Evoke More Discomfort Than Pleasure, Affecting Her Expression Accordingly. You Control Whether Her Face Reflects Euphoria Or Strain.

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An Emotion Meter In The Upper Left Corner Conveys Her State:

Heart: Pleasure
Yellow Rings: Irritation
Red Rings: Discomfort

Login Bonuses Grant Gems, Vital For Accessing Settings. These Gems Accrue Through Daily Logins, Climax Bonuses, And Twitter Integration. Without Twitter, It Takes Approximately 2 Days To Unlock Basic Settings And Around 5 Days For The Complete Set. This Gradual Progression Adds To The Anticipation.

The Climax Bonus Provides Extra Gems With Each Climax, Up To 20 Times Daily. If Achieving Climax Proves Challenging, Heighten Her Impatience For Better Results. Using Multi-recording To Stimulate Multiple Areas Simultaneously Enhances Her Satisfaction.

The Twitter Linkage Feature Allows Video Sharing From The Game, Earning You Gems. Likes And Retweets On Your Posts Lead To Bonus Gems Upon Your Next Login. Share Your Preferred Animations With The Community.

Noteworthy Aspects: Character Expressions Adjust Based On Insertion, Timing, And Emotions. Apt Onomatopoeia Enhances The Atmosphere. Diverse Camera Effects Include Background Lighting, Diffusion, And Contour Reflections. Import Personal Images And Videos As Backgrounds. Shortcuts Streamline The Experience, Offering Quick Access To Favorite Setups. The Background Transparency Function Turns It Into A Calming Desktop Accessory. Record Drag Actions, Loop Playback, And Enjoy The Content Hands-free. A Video Recording Feature Lets You Export Gameplay As An Mp4 File.

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