Zodiac Fantasy

Zodiac Fantasy: A Whimsical Journey To The Spring Party – Embark On A Whimsical Adventure With The Little Sisters As They Prepare For A Special Date At The Spring Party In The Park. In “Zodiac Fantasy,” You Play A Pivotal Role In Guiding These Charming Little Animals Through A Series Of Challenges And Obstacles, Ensuring They Reach Their Destination. This Enchanting Game Offers A Unique And Entertaining Experience. Play Game

Game Background

As Spring Blooms And Nature Awakens, The Small Animals In The Zoo Find Themselves In The Midst Of The Estrus Period. However, A “Special” Puppy Possesses A Secret That Can Bring Happiness To These Creatures. What Exactly Is This Secret, And How Can It Transform The Lives Of These Small Animals? “Zodiac Fantasy” Invites You To Uncover This Mystery. It’s Important To Note That This Game Contains Futa And Bisexual Content, So Make Sure To Consider Your Purchase Accordingly.

The Plot

The Story Revolves Around A Group Of Eager Small Animals Who Are Excited To Attend The Spring Party In The Park. Unfortunately, The Path To Their Destination Is Long And Fraught With Obstacles, And They Are In Desperate Need Of Assistance. It’s A Challenging Journey, But These Small Animals Are Known For Their Enthusiasm And Appreciation. Your Help Will Be Handsomely Rewarded By Their Gratitude And Affection.


In “Zodiac Fantasy,” Players Control Characters Who Must Jump And Climb Their Way Through Various Obstacles And Avoid Traps To Reach The Final Goal. The Gameplay Combines Platforming And Puzzle-solving Elements, Offering A Refreshing And Engaging Experience. Your Quick Reflexes And Strategic Thinking Will Be Put To The Test As You Guide These Little Animals Through Their Adventure.

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Game Features

Help Him, Bisexual Content: “Zodiac Fantasy” Prides Itself On Its Unique And Daring Content, Making It A One-of-a-kind Gaming Experience For Those Looking For Something Different.

Cute And Funny Girls: The Game Is Populated By Charming And Humorous Characters, Each With Their Own Distinctive Traits And Quirks. This Diversity Adds Depth And Charm To The Story.

Challenging Levels (For Real): The Game’s Levels Are Designed To Challenge Your Skills And Creativity, Ensuring That Each Stage Remains Engaging And Rewarding.

10 Exquisite Cgs: “Zodiac Fantasy” Features Stunning Hand-drawn Artwork That Brings The Game’s World To Life In A Visually Captivating Way. These 10 Exquisite Cgs Add Depth To The Story And Provide A Feast For The Eyes.

One-key Skip: For Those Moments When You’re Eager To Dive Deeper Into The Narrative, The One-key Skip Feature Allows You To Quickly Navigate To The Next Exciting Part Of The Game.

Role Introduction

To Fully Immerse Yourself In The World Of “Zodiac Fantasy,” Let’s Meet The Charming Characters You’ll Encounter:

Dog: Meet The Passionate Puppy, A Character With Unique Functions And An Open-minded Attitude Towards Love. (Bisexual)

Tiger: Eight Pack Abs And A Strong Desire To Work Out – The Tiger Is Ready To Be Your Workout Partner.

Cattle: This Character Loves Their Beauty Sleep, And They’re Known To Snooze For Extended Periods. Will You Be The One To Wake Them Up From Their Slumber?

Rabbit: Miss Rabbit Is The Curious One, Always Eager To Explore And Learn About The World Around Her. What Adventures Await With Her By Your Side?

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Thanks For The Love

“Zodiac Fantasy” Is A Game That Appreciates The Support And Affection Of Its Players. The Developers Are Grateful For Your Love And Enthusiasm, And They Strive To Create A Unique And Entertaining Experience For You To Enjoy.

System Requirements

To Ensure A Smooth Gaming Experience, It’s Important To Meet The Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core I5
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 750
Storage: 5 Gb Available Space


“Zodiac Fantasy” Offers A Delightful And Unique Gaming Experience With Charming Characters, Challenging Levels, And Captivating Artwork. As You Guide The Little Sisters On Their Journey To The Spring Party, You’ll Encounter A Variety Of Challenges And Obstacles That Will Test Your Skills And Creativity. This Game’s Intriguing Mix Of Content And Gameplay Makes It A Distinctive Addition To The Gaming World. So, If You’re Ready To Embark On A Magical Journey Filled With Humor, Charm, And Adventure, “Zodiac Fantasy” Awaits Your Arrival.

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