VR Physical Exam Porn Game And Video

VR Physical Exam Porn Game

Experience Your VR Dreams Come To Life! Indulge In An All-you-can-bang Paradise Cleverly Concealed As A Medical Examination. This Game Is Exclusively Designed For VR Platforms. Please Ensure Compatibility By Testing It With The Demo Version. Play Porn Game

Additionally, Note That Hand Tracking And Pass-through Features Are Exclusively Available On Meta Quest 2 And Require The Setup Of The Openxr Runtime On Oculus. Refer To The Provided Instructions For Guidance On Configuring This.


Step Into The Realm Of Virtual Reality And Watch Your Fantasies Unfold Before Your Eyes!
Disguised As A Medical Check-up, This Is Your Ticket To An All-encompassing Paradise Of Sensual Pleasures!

Extend Your Limbs, Cooperate With Me, Please. Now, Allow The Cool Touch Of The Stethoscope… As We Proceed, Let’s Carefully Disrobe To Ensure The Well-being Of Your Chest. Shall We?
Gradually Escalate The Situation, And Once Desire Is Ignited, Introduce Tantalizing Elements Into Her Mouth Or Her Intimate Areas!
And At Last, She’ll Beseech You For The Ultimate Union!

[a Plethora Of Features] Explore A Plethora Of New Choices Such As Tit/head Interaction, Climax Control, Kissing, Fellatio, Penetration, Climax, And More!

[responsive Reactions] Witness Her Responses Shift In Accordance With Her Arousal Or Reservations As You Maneuver.

[intimate Scenes] Beyond A Mere Body Examination, Delve Into Enticing Sexual Encounters! As Her Arousal Intensifies, She’ll Earnestly Yearn For Your Advances!

[pass-through]: Your Environment Transforms Into An Immersive Backdrop, Making The Experience More Personal!

[hand Tracking]: Employ Your Own Hands To Engage With The Character, No Controller Required!

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