VR Physical Exam – Selestia DLC Porn Game And Video

VR Physical Exam – Selestia DLC Porn Game

To Access This Content, Owning The Base Game “【vr】physical Exam” On Steam Is A Prerequisite. This Downloadable Content Expands The Horizons Of The VR Physical Exam, Offering An Enhanced Experience. Upon Acquiring This Dlc, You Unlock The Ability To Introduce Selestia, A New Character Seamlessly Integrated Into The VR Physical Exam Universe. Play Game

Starting April 10, 2023, An Updated Version Has Been Introduced To Support Openxr (Steamvr). This Advancement Extends The Immersive Adventure Beyond The Confines Of The Meta Quest2 Platform.

Designed Exclusively For VR Platforms, This Experience Requires Compatibility Verification With The Demo Version Before Proceeding.

Furthermore, Specific Features Like Hand Tracking And Pass-through Functionalities Are Exclusively Available When Using Meta Quest2, Necessitating The Setup Of The Openxr Runtime On The Oculus Platform. Detailed Guidelines For This Setup Are Thoughtfully Provided.

Product Overview

Embark On An Immersive Journey Into Your Fantasies Through VR! Cloaked Within A Medical Examination Premise, This Offering Unveils An Expansive Realm For Intimate Exploration.

Engage In A Cooperative Interaction, Extending Your Limbs And Uncovering An Experience Transcending Typical Examinations. From The Sensation Of A Stethoscope’s Chill Against Your Skin To The Gradual Unveiling Of Different Areas During The Process Of Ensuring Well-being, The Intensity Progressively Builds. As Anticipation Mounts, Explicit Interactions Present Themselves, Including Oral And Genital Engagement. The Ultimate Culmination Lies In Fulfilling Her Longing For Intimate Connection.

Key Features

Diverse Array Of Choices: Discover A Spectrum Of Novel Options, Encompassing Tit/head Manipulation, Diverse Climax Perspectives, Kissing, Fellatio, Penetration, Ejaculation, And More.

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Responsive Reactions: Observe Her Responses Shift In Tandem With Emotions, Adapting To Your Movements, And Interactions.

Intimate Encounters: Beyond The Initial Examination, Anticipate Explicit Encounters That Grow In Intensity As Her Arousal Escalates, Leading To Impassioned Pleas For Further Engagement.

Pass-through: Immerse In A Fusion Of Reality And Fantasy, As Your Physical Surroundings Meld Seamlessly With The Virtual Backdrop, Enriching The Overall Connection.

Hand Tracking: Erase The Barrier Between You And The Character With Direct Hand Interactions, Eliminating The Necessity For Controllers.

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