Sodom-r: Unleash Justice In A Sinful City – An Erotic 2d Action Adventure –┬áPrepare To Embark On A Thrilling Journey Through The Gritty Streets Of Sodom, A City Known For Its Sin And Corruption. In “Sodom-r,” You’ll Step Into The Shoes Of Rookie Agent Lapis, Tasked With Battling The Local Mafia And Rescuing The Kidnapped Mayor. This 2d Action Game Offers A Tantalizing Blend Of Suspense, Action, And Erotic Content, All Set Against A Backdrop Of Intrigue And Danger. Join Us As We Dive Into The World Of “Sodom-r” And Explore The Secrets Of This Sin-ridden Metropolis. Play Game

About “Sodom-r”

“Sodom-r” Is Not Your Typical Action Game. This 2d Adventure Offers A Unique Blend Of Fast-paced Combat, Suspenseful Storytelling, And Erotic Content. As You Take Control Of Rookie Agent Lapis, Your Mission Is Clear: Confront The Local Mafia And Save The Kidnapped Mayor. To Succeed, You’ll Need To Gather Information, Equip Yourself With Supplies From The Weapon Store, And Face The Criminal Leaders Head-on. But Be Forewarned, The City Of Sodom Is Teeming With Danger And Temptation, And Not Everyone Will Emerge Unscathed.

Game Features

2d Action Game: Immerse Yourself In The Thrilling World Of “Sodom-r” As You Navigate Its Streets, Battling Criminals And Uncovering The Secrets That Lurk In The Shadows.

Note: This Game Requires Directx 9.0c. To Ensure Compatibility, It’s Recommended To Play The Demo Before Diving Into The Full Experience.

Control: For An Enhanced Gaming Experience, Connect A Gamepad Before Launching The Game. Use The Direction Key Or Left Stick For Selection And Movement. Engage With Z (Button A) For Confirmation And Attack, While X (Button B) Allows You To Cancel Or Run. Leap Into Action With C (Button X) For Jumping, And V (Button Y) For Picking Up Items. Get Ready For Special Attacks With A (Button Lb) And Defend Using F (Button Rb). Dodge Left Or Right With S, D, Or The Left And Right Buttons. Access The Menu With M, Esc, Or The Start Button.

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In The Heart Of The City Of Sodom, Known As The Capital Of Sin, A Crisis Has Unfolded. The Local Mafia, Notorious For Their Ruthless Actions, Has Kidnapped The Mayor, Plunging The City Into Chaos. In Response To This Dire Situation, Rookie Agent Lapis Is Dispatched To The Unforgiving Streets, Tasked With Confronting The Criminals And Saving The Vip.

Erotic Content

“Sodom-r” Delves Into Explicit And Erotic Themes As Part Of Its Narrative. The Stakes Are High, And The Heroine Is Vulnerable To A Range Of Explicit Encounters. Be Warned That Defeat May Lead To Scenes Involving Rape, Gangbang, Av, Cum Inside, And More. The Game Boasts A Collection Of Basic Cg With Animation, Featuring Over 30 Explicit Scenes To Engage Players.

New Character: Fyra

As The Game Progresses, A New Character Named Fyra Becomes Playable From The Second Round, Adding An Extra Layer Of Intrigue And Complexity To The Storyline.

System Requirements

To Ensure A Seamless Gaming Experience, Your System Should Meet The Following Minimum Requirements:

Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Directx: Version 9.0c
Storage: 512 Mb Available Space

“Sodom-r” Offers A Unique And Provocative Gaming Experience That Delves Into The Dark Underbelly Of A City Consumed By Sin And Corruption. As Rookie Agent Lapis, You’ll Engage In Thrilling 2d Action, Battling Criminals And Uncovering A Web Of Intrigue. However, Be Prepared For Explicit Content That Heightens The Stakes, Challenging Your Skills And Sensibilities.

Are You Ready To Confront The Shadows Of Sodom And Emerge Victorious In The Face Of Temptation And Danger? “Sodom-r” Is Not For The Faint Of Heart, But For Those Who Dare To Explore The Depths Of This Sinful City, It Offers An Unforgettable And Compelling Adventure.

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