Sexaul Massage Shop – AKARI Porn Game And Video

Sexaul Massage Shop – AKARI Porn Game

Embarking On The Narrative, We Delve Into A Tale Of Discovering Solace Within The Moments Spent At A Venue Offering Intimate Services. A Fatigued Salaryman, Recommended By A Colleague, Ventures Into A Brothel Where He Seeks Solace Through The Attentions Of One Of The Establishment’s Members. As Their Interactions Deepen Over Time, Feelings Begin To Blossom. Play FREE

Our Central Figure, Yuma Kaneda, Is A Somewhat Carefree Salaryman. Yet, Burdened By The Recent Exodus Of Colleagues From His Workplace, He Finds Himself Engulfed In Work’s Demands. Witnessing His Energy Wane Day By Day, His Boss Extends A Reprieve In The Form Of A Complimentary Pass To A Specific Massage Parlor, Aiming To Restore His Vigor.

In The Days Following, Yuma Seeks Respite At The Parlor, Only To Unveil Its True Nature As A Sanctuary Tended By A Sensual Esthetician Offering Erotic Services. Having Encountered Maki, One Of The Parlor’s Cast Members, And Having Found Satisfaction In Her Ministrations, Yuma Becomes Entranced. This Prompts Him To Embark On Solitary Visits, Becoming Ensnared In A Web Of Allure And Complexity…

Character Introduction:

Name: Maki
Height: 160 Cm
Three Sizes: 103/64/98
Traits: Radiant, Compassionate, With A Touch Of Intrigue?

Voice Acting:
Maki: Honoka Yuuki
※ Japanese Voice Recordings (※ Male Characters Are Not Voiced)

Game Specifications:

Novel Game Progressing With Clicks
Heroine Fully Voiced
Cg Mode
Scene Recollection

Content Warning:

This Game Contains Content That May Not Be Suitable For All Audiences And Might Not Be Appropriate For Professional Settings.
The Game Features Nudity, Sexual Content, And Themes Intended For Mature Audiences.
All Characters Are Depicted As Being Over 18 Years Of Age.

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