Paradise Puzzle

Paradise Puzzle: A Seductive Puzzle Adventure – “Paradise Puzzle” Combines The Thrill Of Puzzle-solving With The Allure Of Enticing Adventures. Dive Into A World Where Gems And Passion Intertwine, Offering An Immersive Experience Unlike Any Other. This Casual Puzzle Game Invites You To Engage In Battles, Defeat Monsters, And Revel In Captivating And Slightly Erotic Artwork. Play Game

About The Game:

In Paradise Puzzle, You’ll Discover A Casual Puzzle Game That Seamlessly Fuses Captivating Gameplay With Sensual Visuals. Your Mission? Connect With The Girl Of Your Choice And Embark On A Journey To Battle Monsters. Along The Way, You’ll Be Rewarded With Exquisite, Kawaii, And Slightly Erotic Cg Artwork.

Gameplay: Puzzles And Battles:

The Core Gameplay Revolves Around A Unique Puzzle-solving Mechanic. Your Goal Is To Arrange Three Or More Identical Gems Either Horizontally Or Vertically. You Wield The Power To Move These Gems Freely Across The Board, Strategizing Your Moves To Create Powerful Combinations.

Successfully Aligning These Gems Triggers A Significant Reduction In Your Enemy’s Hp (Hit Points). Your Ultimate Triumph Lies In Reducing The Enemy’s Hp To Zero.

When You Match Three Or More Gems, They Vanish From The Board, Making Way For Prisms To Descend From Above. This Opens The Door To Chain Reactions And Combo Matches. It’s Important To Note That Your Turn Ends Either When You Release The Gems You’re Moving Or When The Time Limit Runs Out.

To Secure Victory, You Must Engage In Battles Until Your Adversary’s Hp Depletes Entirely. Be Cautious, Though, As If Your Hp Diminishes To Zero First, You’ll Face Defeat. The Hourglass Serves As Your Timer, Indicating The Remaining Number Of Turns You Have Left. Running Out Of Turns Will Also Lead To Your Defeat.

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While Any Gem Type Can Inflict Damage On The Enemy, Some Gems Hold Special Powers. Clearing Skull Gems, For Instance, Decreases Your Turn Count, Whereas Potion Gems Restore Your Hp.

A Pro Tip: Strategically Assess The Gems On The Board To Maximize Your Combos When Clearing Them. Your Success Depends On Making The Most Of Your Turns And Clever Gem Placement.

Meet Kumiko Tsukisiro And More:

The Game Introduces You To Kumiko Tsukisiro, A Character With Enticing Physical Attributes. Standing At 164 Cm, She Boasts A B105/w56/h86 Figure That Is Sure To Capture Your Attention. Additionally, More Captivating Characters Are Set To Join The Adventure In The Future, Broadening The Game’s Appeal.

Key Features:

An Easy And Accessible Game Design, Ensuring An Enjoyable Experience For All.
A Variety Of Heroines, With The Promise Of More Characters Being Added In Future Updates.
Eight Distinct Stages For Each Girl, Enhancing The Gameplay’s Depth And Longevity.
Eight Captivating Cgs For Each Girl, Bringing The Enticing Story To Life.
Nine Achievements To Challenge Your Puzzle-solving Prowess And Keep You Engaged.
Please Note: The User Interface May Not Be Fully Language-enabled, So It’s Essential To Keep This In Mind While Enjoying The Game.

System Requirements:

Before Diving Into This Sensual Puzzle Adventure, Ensure That Your System Meets The Minimum Requirements For Optimal Performance:

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 / 11
Processor: 1+ Ghz Processor
Memory: 1024 Mb Ram
Graphics: Intel Hd Graphics
Directx: Version 9.0c
Storage: 500 Mb Available Space


“Paradise Puzzle” Is Not Just A Puzzle Game; It’s An Immersive Adventure That Combines Captivating Gameplay With Enticing Artwork. Dive Into A World Where Sensuality Meets Strategy As You Connect Gems And Embark On Exhilarating Battles. With Multiple Heroines, Stages, And Achievements, This Game Offers A Unique And Stimulating Experience. Your Journey Through This Captivating World Promises To Be Both Entertaining And Sensual, Making It A Must-try For Puzzle And Adventure Enthusiasts Alike. Explore A World Where Pleasure And Puzzle-solving Intertwine; Embark On This Seductive Puzzle Adventure Today!

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