Office Harasser

Office Harasser: A Steamy Corporate Visual Novel Adventure – “Office Harasser” Invites You To Enter The Intriguing World Of Corporate Dealings, Personal Dynamics, And Sensual Encounters. In This Adult Visual Novel, You’ll Step Into The Shoes Of Mc, The Owner Of A Prominent Company. As You Navigate The Professional And Personal Lives Of Three Beautiful Employees, Tess, Tanya, And Allison, You’ll Be Faced With Crucial Decisions And Enticing Opportunities. This Article Delves Into The Game’s Plot, Gameplay, And System Requirements To Give You A Comprehensive Understanding Of This Provocative Adventure. Play Game

About The Game

In “Office Harasser,” You Play The Role Of A Wealthy And Unscrupulous Young Entrepreneur, Mc. Mc Is The Owner Of A Well-known Company That Employs Three Stunning Women: Tess, Tanya, And Allison. Each Of These Employees Brings Their Unique Problems And Personalities Into The Mix, Adding Depth And Intrigue To The Game’s Narrative.

Your Corporate Empire Faces A Significant Deal That Requires Your Undivided Attention And Cunning. To Seal This Crucial Contract, You Must Navigate A Delicate Balance Between Professionalism And Personal Desires. Will You Be Able To Influence, Charm, Or Even Bribe Your Three Beautiful Employees To Ensure The Success Of This Deal?


“Office Harasser” Is Primarily A Visual Novel, A Genre Known For Its Immersive Storytelling And Decision-making Gameplay. Throughout The Narrative, You Will Be Presented With Opportunities To Make Choices. These Choices Can Have Far-reaching Consequences, Impacting The Direction Of The Story, Character Interactions, And Even The Game’s Sensual Encounters.

One Of The Game’s Standout Features Is Its Rich Visual Content. With Over 1500 Images And 35 Distinct Animations, “Office Harasser” Brings The Characters And Scenarios To Life In Stunning Detail. These Animations Are Further Enhanced By A Soundtrack That Sets The Mood And A Selection Of Sound Effects To Immerse You Fully In The Experience.

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System Requirements

Before You Embark On This Corporate Adventure, It’s Important To Ensure That Your System Meets The Necessary Requirements To Fully Enjoy “Office Harasser.” Here Are The Specified System Requirements For The Game:

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Graphics: Graphics Card With Directx 10 (Shader Model 4.0) Capabilities
Storage: 700 Mb Available Space
Meeting These Minimum Requirements Ensures A Smooth And Enjoyable Gaming Experience, Allowing You To Appreciate The Visual Novel’s Intricate Narrative, Character Development, And The Sensuous Interactions That Define “Office Harasser.”


“Office Harasser” Is An Adult Visual Novel That Combines Corporate Drama, Personal Relationships, And Intimate Encounters In A Unique And Captivating Experience. As Mc, You’ll Need To Use Your Wit And Charm To Navigate The Intricate World Of Your Employees’ Desires And The Demands Of Sealing A Significant Business Deal.

The Game’s Engaging Narrative Is Enriched By A Wealth Of Visuals And Animations, As Well As A Fitting Soundtrack That Sets The Mood For Every Scene. With Choices That Affect The Direction Of The Story, “Office Harasser” Offers A Personalized Adventure That Caters To Various Preferences.

Step Into The Intriguing World Of Office Politics, Corporate Ambition, And Personal Attraction In “Office Harasser.” Will You Be Able To Influence And Charm Your Way To Success, Sealing The Elusive Deal And Indulging In Sensuous Encounters Along The Way? The Answer Lies In The Choices You Make As You Explore This Enticing Visual Novel Adventure.

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