Kris And The City Of Pleasure

Kris And The City Of Pleasure: A Priestess’s Odyssey – Step Into The Enticing World Of “Kris And The City Of Pleasure.” Priestess Kristia, A Dedicated Servant Of The Divine, Finds Herself In The Sultry Embrace Of Meipia, The City Of Pleasure. Her Sacred Duty Is To Resolve The City’s Magical Irregularities, But Her Righteous Path Is Strewn With Financial Hardships. In A City Teeming With Lust And Sin, Opportunities Abound To Amass Quick Riches. However, Kristia’s Journey Isn’t Merely About Wealth; It’s A Tantalizing Exploration Of A City Where Desire And Devotion Dance In The Shadows. Play Game

A Priestess In The City Of Temptation

Kristia’s Mission Is No Simple Task. Dispatched To The Seductive Labyrinth Of Meipia, She Must Grapple With A Society Saturated In Decadence And Vice. Her Heart Is Pure, But Her Coin Purse Is Light, And In This City, One Must Navigate The Dualities Of Pleasure And Purpose.


Classic Adventure RPG Gameplay

Embark On A Journey Where Classic Adventure Rpg Gameplay Reigns Supreme. Traverse The Intricate Map Of Meipia, Battling Foes And Leveling Up As You Progress. The Path To Resolution Is Not Without Its Challenges, And Your Abilities Will Be Put To The Test.

Uncoded H Event

Meipia Hides Its Secrets In Plain Sight. Uncensored H Events Abound, Waiting To Be Triggered. These Events Serve As A Means Of Quick Financial Gain, Should You Be Willing To Indulge. Satisfy Your Desires, And Reap The Rewards. Meipia’s Underbelly Teems With Opportunities For Those Who Dare To Explore Its Explicit Depths.

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Variable Clothing Styles

Kristia’s Attire Is Not Set In Stone. Five Distinct Styles Of Clothing Are At Her Disposal. What’s More, Her Attire Evolves With Her Promiscuity, Reflecting The City’s Sensuous Influence. The Higher Her Promiscuity, The Less She Wears, A Visual Testament To Her Immersion In Meipia’s Realm Of Seduction.

Various Battle Modes

As Kristia’s Attire Shifts, So Do Her Abilities. Her Chosen Style Of Clothing Influences Her Methods Of Attack. Adapt To Various Situations By Selecting Between Ranged And Melee Combat, Ensuring That You’re Well-equipped To Handle The Challenges That Lie Ahead. Agility And Adaptability Are Your Greatest Allies In The City Of Pleasure.

Chris’s Secret Garden

Hidden In The Annals Of Secret Records Lies “Chris’s Secret Garden,” A Repository Of Detailed Values Pertaining To The Character’s Physical Attributes. As Kristia Journeys Deeper Into The Heart Of Meipia, These Secrets Will Be Unveiled, Illuminating The Intricacies Of The Human Form In The Context Of Desire And Pleasure.

System Requirements

Before Embarking On Kristia’s Voyage Of Discovery In The City Of Pleasure, Ensure That Your System Meets The Following Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Storage: 2 Gb Available Space


“Kris And The City Of Pleasure” Is A Riveting Exploration Of The Fine Line Between Desire And Devotion. With Kristia As Your Guide, You’ll Traverse The Enchanting Yet Perilous Streets Of Meipia, The City Of Pleasure, Where Opportunities For Financial Gain And Sensual Discovery Abound. As Kristia’s Journey Unfolds, She’ll Grapple With The Intricacies Of A City Draped In Temptation And Sin, All While Fulfilling Her Sacred Mission. “Kris And The City Of Pleasure” Offers A Captivating Blend Of Classic Rpg Gameplay And Adult Themes, Presenting An Unapologetic Narrative That Invites You To Delve Into The Alluring Depths Of Meipia. Will Kristia Emerge Unscathed From The Clutches Of Temptation, Or Will She Embrace The Desires Lurking In The City Of Pleasure? Only You Can Decide Her Fate.

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