Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room

Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room: Explore And Misbehave In This Immersive VR Experience – Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room” Is An Exclusive VR Adventure That Invites You To Step Into A World Of Invisibility And Curiosity. In This Unique Title, You’ll Find Yourself In The 3D Environment Of Eleanor’s Residence, Embarking On An Extraordinary Journey Of Observation And Mischief. Play Game

About The Game:

This VR Experience Is Unlike Any Other, Allowing You To Become Invisible And Explore Your Neighbor’s House. The Central Character In This Immersive World Is Eleanor, A Lifelike 3D Character Living Her Everyday Life Within The Confines Of Her Home. Your Objective? Observe And, If You Dare, Engage In Playful Misbehavior In This Captivating VR World.


Invisibility Mechanics: As The Player, You Possess The Incredible Ability To Become Invisible. While At Rest, You Remain Unseen, But As You Move Your Body, You Reappear. However, Take Caution—encounters With The Inhabitants Of The House Or Accidental Contact With Them Will Cause Their Fear Levels To Rise. When Their Fear Gauge Reaches Its Peak, Your Character Will Make A Hasty Retreat, Bringing The Game To An End. Master The Art Of Mischief And Discretion To Avoid Detection.
Game Description:

Controller Inputs:

Hand Trigger “Grab”
Index Trigger “Action Key”
1, 2, 3, 4 Buttons “Menu”
Analogue Stick “Move, Turn”
In-game Menu:

The Game’s Buttons And Knobs Are Operable Through Holding Them. Utilize “Ejaculation Speed” To Adjust The Rhythm Of Your Movements Until The Ejaculation Indicator Emerges. You Can Also Fine-tune The Distance Between The Deepest Part Of The Scene And The Ejaculation Location Using “Ejaculation Stroke.” The “Height” Can Be Adjusted As Well. When You’re Ready To End The Game, Simply Press The “End Game” Button.
Smack Feature:

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Located On The Player’s Shoulder, This Tool Provides Access To Eleanor’s Status, Allowing You To Skip Events In Progress.
Ms. Eleanor:

Eleanor’s Awareness Plays A Crucial Role. Startling Her While She’s Awake Will Raise Her Fear Gauge. If This Gauge Reaches Its Limit, The Game Concludes. However, While She’s Asleep, You Have The Freedom To Move Her Body As You Wish. Eleanor’s Clothing Can Be Removed By Pressing The Action Keys On Her Chest Or Between Her Legs.
During H-scenes:

When The Player Is Holding Eleanor At Intimate Moments, You Can Shift To The H-scene By Pressing The Trigger. The Controller Can Be Shaken To Manipulate The Object. If You Continue Shaking It For A Set Duration, An Ejaculation Symbol Will Appear, And You Can Climax By Aligning The Arrows. Alternatively, You Can Ejaculate At Any Moment By Pressing The Action Key. To Conclude, You Can Either Skip The Scene Or Release Your Hold.
System Requirements:

Before You Embark On Your Invisible Adventure In Eleanor’s Room, Ensure Your System Meets The Minimum Requirements For A Seamless Experience:

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Amd Ryzen 5 2600
Memory: 8 Gb Ram
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1660
Storage: 700 Mb Available Space

“Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room” Offers A One-of-a-kind VR Adventure That Combines Invisibility, Exploration, And Playful Mischief In An Immersive Environment. This Unique Experience Allows You To Push The Boundaries Of Curiosity While Maintaining The Element Of Surprise.

With Invisible Mechanics, Interactive Features, And Immersive Controller Inputs, You’ll Be Transported To A World Of Unseen Adventures. Step Into Eleanor’s World, Embrace Your Invisibility, And Prepare For An Extraordinary Journey That Is Bound To Leave You Captivated And Eager For More.

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