Intrusion of Alice

Intrusion Of Alice” – A Thrilling Tale Of Espionage, Infiltration, And Survival – “Intrusion Of Alice” Is An Electrifying Adult Game That Thrusts Players Into A World Of Espionage, Secret Missions, And Stealthy Action. In This Gripping Narrative, You Take On The Role Of Agent Alice, A Skilled Operative From The Clandestine “Mad Tea Party (Mtp)” Unit. The Game Unfolds On A Remote Coral Island In The Pacific Ocean, Where The Marine Conservation Facility, “Nereid,” Is Overtaken By Malevolent Terrorists During An International Environmental Conference. Play Game

Your Mission As Agent Alice Is To Infiltrate The Island And Thwart The Terrorists’ Plans. At The Heart Of The Mission Lies “The Device,” A Mysterious And Potent Object That Must Be Either Extracted Or Destroyed Before It Falls Into The Wrong Hands. With No External Assistance And Limited Resources, The Fate Of Alice And The World Rests On Your Shoulders.

Unveiling The World Of “Intrusion Of Alice”


The Idyllic Setting Of The Marine Conservation Facility, “Nereid,” Is Shattered When Ruthless Terrorists Seize Control Of The Island During An International Environmental Conference. The World’s Vips And Eminent Researchers Are Held Hostage, Prompting The United Army To Initiate A Rescue Operation. Amidst This Chaos, Agent Alice Is Silently Dispatched On A Covert Mission.

Her Task Is Clear: Infiltrate The Island, Locate “The Device,” And Prevent It From Falling Into Terrorist Hands. Operating In Complete Isolation, Alice’s Journey Is Fraught With Danger And Uncertainty.

Character – Agent Alice:

Agent Alice Is A Formidable Operative Hailing From The Enigmatic “Mad Tea Party (Mtp)” Unit. Proficient In The Art Of Infiltration, She Leverages Her Petite Physique To Navigate The Treacherous Terrain. While She Maintains A Stoic Exterior, Beneath The Surface, She Experiences The Full Spectrum Of Human Emotions. Armed With A Handgun And Her Cherished Karambit Knife, Agent Alice Is Poised To Take On Whatever Challenges Lie Ahead.

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Stealth Action Rpg:

The Core Gameplay Of “Intrusion Of Alice” Is Grounded In The Principles Of Stealth Action Role-playing. You Must Use Your Environment And Timing Wisely To Explore The Map Without Attracting The Attention Of The Enemy. Should You Be Spotted, Combat Is Inevitable, But Remember, Alice Is Not Invincible, And Resources Are Limited. Your Best Strategy Is To Avoid Confrontation Whenever Possible.


A Key Component Of Your Stealth Arsenal Is The Ability To “Backstab” Enemies. This Tactic Allows You To Eliminate Opponents Discreetly From Behind Or The Side Without Alerting Others. It’s Your Choice Whether To Employ A Strategy Of Silent Infiltration And Assassination, Giving You The Flexibility To Adapt To Various Scenarios.

Skill Customization:

As You Navigate The Challenges And Threats Encountered On “Nereid,” Agent Alice Can Enhance Her Skills By Utilizing Points Acquired Through Combat. By Altering Her “Mindset,” You Can Unlock A Diverse Array Of Special Skills, Allowing For A Personalized And Adaptable Approach To The Mission.


“Intrusion Of Alice” Is An Enthralling Adult Game That Plunges Players Into The Clandestine World Of Espionage, Suspense, And Action. With Agent Alice As Your Avatar, You Will Experience A Narrative That Unfolds In The Backdrop Of A High-stakes International Incident, Where The Fate Of The World Hangs In The Balance.

This Game Caters To Players Who Appreciate Immersive Storytelling, Intricate Stealth Mechanics, And The Allure Of The Unknown. As You Navigate The Challenges Of The Game, The Fate Of Agent Alice And The Secrets She Uncovers Are Firmly In Your Hands.

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With Limited Resources And The Constant Threat Of Discovery, Your Choices Will Determine Whether Agent Alice Emerges As A Hero Or Becomes Another Casualty Of The Perilous World Of “Intrusion Of Alice.” Whether You Opt For Covert Infiltration Or Engage In Thrilling Combat, The Destiny Of This Enigmatic Agent Rests In Your Hands.

Will You Guide Alice To Success, Or Will Her Journey Be One Of Intrigue And Peril? The Answers Lie In The Choices You Make As You Uncover The Secrets Of “Intrusion Of Alice.”

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