Hatsumira – From The Future Undying

Hatsumira – From The Future Undying: A Fantasy Visual Novel Adventure – In The Realm Of Visual Novels, Hatsumira – From The Future Undying Is A Captivating And Imaginative Addition, Brought To You By The Same Talented Development Team That Brought Us The Grisaia Series. Transport Yourself Into A World Brimming With Swords And Sorcery, Where A Mesmerizing Narrative Awaits.

Hatsumira – From The Future Undying Brings Forth A Fantastic Journey Into A World Of Magic, Adventure, And Mystery. This Visual Novel Is The Creation Of A Seasoned Team Of Writers And Artists, Including The Lead Writer Ryuta Fujisaki And Scenario Writer Yuhi Nanao. Additionally, The Game Features Original Artwork By The Talented Akio Watanabe And Fumio, Along With Character Designs For Monsters And Minor Characters By Ino. It Is Undoubtedly One Of Frontwing’s Most Ambitious Works, Designed To Infuse New Life Into The Visual Novel Industry. Play Game

A Tale Of Intrigue

The Narrative Of Hatsumira – From The Future Undying Is Nothing Short Of Gripping. The Story Follows Ichiro Mimori, A Petty Officer And Zero Fighter Pilot During The Pacific War. He Is On The Brink Of Embarking On A Kamikaze Mission When Fate Takes An Unexpected Turn. Instead Of Executing His Mission, Ichiro Crash-lands In An Unfamiliar Desert. Lost, Desperate For Water, And With No Clue About His Whereabouts, Ichiro’s Life Takes An Extraordinary Twist When He Encounters A Mysterious Princess Capable Of Transforming Into A Dragon.

Ichiro’s Return To Japan Seems Nearly Impossible, And Even If He Could Make It Back, It Would Likely Lead To Certain Death. However, This Loyal Soldier Is Resolute In His Determination To Fulfill A Promise He Made, No Matter What It Takes.

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Exploring The World Of Hatsumira – From The Future Undying

The World Of Hatsumira Is Rich And Diverse, With Various Demi-human Tribes That Add Depth To The Story. Each Tribe Possesses Unique Characteristics And Abilities, Making The Game Even More Captivating.

Dragon Tribe: This Ancient And Long-lived Tribe, Also Known As Dragons, Lizards, Or Archgenians, Is The Oldest Demi-human Race In This World. Their Lifespan Is Ten Times That Of Humans. Female Dragons Are Born In Humanoid Forms, With Some Gaining The Ability To Transform Into Powerful Wyverns. The Males, Resembling Lizardmen, Excel As Soldiers And Warriors.

Dog Tribe: The Dog Tribe, Or Lulucarions, Is A Short-lived Race Known For Their Strength, Stamina, And Agility. They Thrive In Mountainous Terrains And Are Skilled In Guerilla Warfare. However, They Are Not Particularly Clever, And Only The Females Can Shapeshift Between Their Dog And Humanoid Forms, While The Males Maintain A Wolfman-like Appearance.

Cat Tribe: Also Known As Chaolia, The Cat Tribe Is Characterized By Its Sharp Minds And Frail Bodies, A Sharp Contrast To The Dog Tribe. They Are Curious And Nomadic By Nature, With Some Chaolia Being Accomplished Sorcerers Who Use A Unique Form Of Magic.

Mermaid Tribe: Comprising Solely Of Women, The Mermaid Tribe Can Breathe Underwater When They Transform Into Their Half-fish Forms. They Possess The “Sacred Chant,” A Powerful Song, But They Are Pacifists Who Detest War. Constant Attacks From Other Tribes Have Pushed Them To The Brink Of Extinction.

Undead: These Beings, Often Referred To As Zombies, Are Created When A Necromancer Temporarily Summons A Soul Back To A Corpse. They Can Only Be Controlled When Within The Necromancer’s Range, Otherwise, They Roam Freely. In War, They Serve As Disposable Soldiers, And Their Effectiveness Varies Based On Their Previous Race, The Corpse’s Condition, And Individual Abilities.

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Dwarves: Small And Living Underground, Dwarves Manage The Miners’ Guild, Responsible For Distributing Metals And Minerals. Their Intelligence And Dexterity Are Notable, But Their Short Tempers And Inflexibility Often Lead To Trouble. Despite Their Capabilities, They Are Sometimes Seen As A Lower-class Tribe.

The Principality Of Wisla: This Country, Comprised Of Pure Humans Who Consider Themselves The “New Race,” Shares Its Origins With The Archgene Kingdom. However, Wisla Views Demi-human Tribes As Inferior And Does Not Recognize Their Rights.

System Requirements

To Immerse Yourself In The Captivating World Of Hatsumira – From The Future Undying, Your System Should Meet The Following Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1 Mb Ram
Graphics: VRam 320mb, 1280×720
Directx: Version 9.0c
Storage: 6 Gb Available Space
Sound Card: Support For Pcm Playback Through Directsound
Additional Notes: Windows Media Player 9 Equivalent Or Higher

Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66ghz
Memory: 2 Mb Ram
Graphics: VRam 512mb, 1280×720
Directx: Version 9.0c
Storage: 6 Gb Available Space
Sound Card: Support For Pcm Playback Through Directsound
Additional Notes: Windows Media Player 9 Equivalent Or Higher
With These System Requirements Met, You’re Ready To Embark On A Remarkable Journey Through The Enchanting World Of Hatsumira – From The Future Undying.

In Conclusion, Hatsumira – From The Future Undying Is More Than Just A Visual Novel; It’s An Immersive Experience That Transports You To A World Filled With Magic, Adventure, And Diverse Cultures. With An Intricate Narrative, Well-defined Character Races, And Captivating Art, This Game Promises An Unforgettable Journey For Fans Of The Genre.

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