Haramase Semen Transport Project

Haramase Semen Transport Project: A Unique Adult Adventure – Delve Into The Extraordinary World Of “Haramase Semen Transport Project,” An Adult Game That Explores The Boundaries Of Storytelling And Fantasy. This Article Will Provide An In-depth Look At The Game’s Premise, Features, And Gameplay. Please Be Advised That “Haramase Semen Transport Project” Is Intended For Mature Audiences. Play Game

The Game’s Unique Focus:
“Haramase Semen Transport Project” Is A Game Dedicated To Those Who Appreciate Intricate Narratives Centered Around Fertilization Depictions And Pregnant Bellies. This Game Offers A Unique And Bold Approach That Sets It Apart From Conventional Gaming Experiences.

About The Game:
This Game Is Not Your Typical Adult Adventure. It Has Undergone Rigorous Testing And Received Significant Bug Fixes Through Collaboration With The Gaming Community. If You’ve Encountered Problems In Previous Games, It’s Recommended To Download And Test The Trial Version Before Committing.

Viewer Discretion Advised:
The Narrative Within “Haramase Semen Transport Project” Features Themes And Content That May Not Be Suitable For All Players. The Game’s Premise Revolves Around Robo C-va, Who Plays A Central Role In The Impregnation Of Girls. Her Dialogues And Actions Can Be Coarse And Explicit. If You’re Not Comfortable With Explicit Content, It’s Advisable To Avoid This Game.

The Game’s Core:
The Core Theme Of This Game Centers On Sexual Impregnation And The Associated Consequences. Robo C-va, Driven By Her Mission To Counteract The Declining Birthrate, Sees Women As Tools For Achieving This Objective. Her Approach Is Ruthless And Devoid Of Empathy, Reflecting Her Unwavering Commitment To Her Mission.

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Note: “Haramase Semen Transport Project” Does Not Feature Traditional Good Endings As Seen In Previous Games. The Purpose Here Is To Fulfill Desires And Focus On Impregnation Without The Conventional Notion Of Good Or Bad Endings. The Game Is Designed To Cater To Specific Preferences.

Unique Pregnancies And Characters:
The Game Presents Players With A Variety Of Pregnancy Situations And Offers A Total Of Three Characters, Including Two Famous 2d Characters. Additionally, There Are 11 Wall Butt Characters, Each With Distinct Traits. The Game Introduces Multiple Egg Fertilization Situations For Three Of The Characters, Making Each Experience Unique.

Dangerous Day System:
The “Wall Butt” Scene Incorporates A Dangerous Day System, Where Players Can Attempt To Impregnate Girls During Certain Times. This Feature Adds A Layer Of Complexity To The Gameplay. Players Can Identify When It Is Currently A Dangerous Day To Increase Their Chances Of Impregnation.

Detailed Animations:
“Haramase Semen Transport Project” Incorporates Detailed Animations, Including Popular Cross-sections Of The Uterus And Vagina. These Animations Add Depth To The Game And Provide A Visual Element To The Impregnation Process.

Game Background:
The Game Is Set In The Year 20xx, Where The Declining Birthrates In The 2d World Have Become A Significant Concern. Governments Launch The “Semen Transport Project” As A Solution To The Issue. This Project Involves The Transfer Of Semen From The 3D Realm To The 2d World, With The Help Of An Ai Robot Called C-va.

You Play A Crucial Role In The Project, Operating Alongside C-va To Facilitate The Impregnation Of 2d Girls. The Game’s User Interface Provides Real-time Data On Semen Status, Egg Presence, And The Likelihood Of Pregnancy, Enhancing The Immersive Experience.

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Gameplay Features:
“Haramase Semen Transport Project” Introduces A Wide Range Of Gameplay Elements. Players Can Use Points Earned From Successful Impregnations To Build A 3D Underground Facility, Manipulate The Girls’ Menstrual Cycles, Purchase Fertility Drugs, And Even Unlock Hidden Characters.

Additionally, The Game Includes A Mode That Allows Players To Observe Pregnant Girls And Their Growing Bellies, Enhancing The Realism Of The Pregnancy Theme.

Unlocking Hidden Elements:
By Achieving Specific Conditions, You Can Unlock Hidden Aspects Of The Pregnant Belly List Scene, Adding Depth To The Game And Rewarding Players Who Explore Its Intricacies.

A Wall Butt Scene:
This Scene Allows You To Impregnate Multiple Girls At Once. The Probability Of Success Depends On The Presence Or Absence Of The Ovulation Day, And You Can Further Influence The Outcome By Injecting Ovulation Inducers Or Using Fertility Drugs.

System Requirements:
To Ensure That “Haramase Semen Transport Project” Runs Smoothly On Your System, Make Sure It Meets The Following Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 10/11
Processor: 3 Ghz
Memory: 8 Mb Ram
Graphics: Directx 10 Compatible Graphics Card
Directx: Version 10
Storage: 300 Mb Available Space

Ensure Your System Meets The Minimum Requirements For Optimal Performance.


“Haramase Semen Transport Project” Is An Adult Game That Boldly Explores A Unique Narrative Terrain. With Its Commitment To Specific Themes And Intricate Gameplay, It Offers An Unconventional Gaming Experience. If You’re Intrigued By Games That Push Boundaries And Are Tailored For Mature Audiences, “Haramase Semen Transport Project” Might Just Be The Adventure You’re Looking For. Please Be Aware Of The Game’s Explicit Content And Approach It With The Appropriate Discretion.

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