Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona

Prepare To Dive Into A Captivating And Unique Adult Game, “Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona.” This Pixel-art, Full-animation Action Game Offers A Thrilling Narrative And A Distinctive Gaming Experience. You’ll Follow Emona, A Powerful Witch Who Replenishes Her Magical Powers By Consuming The Essence Of Her Faithful Attendant. Together, They Venture Into The Treacherous Territory Of Goblins, Where Emona’s Double Jump Ability Is The Key To Success. Play Game

About The Game:

“Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona” Takes You On An Explicit And Alluring Journey Into The World Of Pixel Art Animations And Fantasy Adventures. The Game Places You In Control Of Emona, The Formidable Witch Who Sustains Her Magical Abilities By A Rather Unconventional Means. Alongside Her, An Attendant Accompanies Her On Their Perilous Quest, But Only Emona Is Under Your Control During Action Scenes.

As Emona Faces Goblins And Other Dangers, There Are Adult Scenes That Occur When She Is Defeated, Each Distinct Depending On The Weapon She Wields. Additionally, Emona Can Perform A Unique Double Jump During Action Sequences. She Is Also Rewarded With New Magical Abilities After Helping Girls With Their Attributes And Their Baggage Handlers In A Special Manner. As The Game Progresses, The Events Involving The Prop Shop Woman And The Baggage Handler Become Increasingly Intimate.

The Game Introduces An Innovative Feature – The “Hide Parts” Setting. When Enabled, A Discreet Light Conceals Certain Parts, Making It Possible To Stream The Game On Platforms Like Youtube Without Concerns Of Explicit Content.


The Game Is Set In Midara, A Town Situated Near The Habitat Of Goblins, Where Numerous Girls Have Been Abducted By These Creatures. The Mayor, Osirisuki, Has Taken It Upon Himself To Protect The Town By Fortifying It With Walls, And His Daughter, Emona, Serves As A Goblin-slaying Wizard. Emona’s Task Is To Rescue The Abducted Girls And Restore Peace To The Town, While Simultaneously Increasing Her Magical Powers By Unique Means.

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In The World Of The Game, Wizards Rely On Consuming A Particular Substance To Regenerate Their Magical Abilities, Necessitating The Presence Of Followers To Accompany Them On Their Quests. Emona Sets Off On Her Journey With A New Squire, Determined To Save Her Town From The Clutches Of The Goblins And Uncover The Whereabouts Of Her Mother.

Gameplay And Operation:

The Game Supports Both Keyboard And Gamepad Controls, Offering Players The Flexibility To Choose Their Preferred Input Method. The Operation Method Screen Can Be Accessed By Pressing The “F1” Key, Providing Information On Keyboard-only, Gamepad-only, And Mouse-and-keyboard Controls.

The Game Introduces A Unique Concept Called “Attribute Spheres” And “Chain Magic.” In Action Scenes, Defeating Enemies With Magic Generates Attribute Spheres, And When Two Spheres Overlap, Chain Magic Is Triggered, Allowing Powerful Magical Attacks And Tripling The Drop Rate Of In-game Currency And Items.

Unique Features:

All Event Scenes Are Presented In Pixel Art Animation, Immersing Players In The World Of “Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona.”
Animation Speed Can Be Customized In 10% Intervals On The Memory Cg Screen, Providing Players With An Additional Layer Of Control Over Their Experience.
The Innovative “Hide Parts” Setting Allows For A Subtle, Light-based Concealment Of Explicit Content, Facilitating The Streaming Of Gameplay On Platforms Like Youtube.
Magic Power And Defeat Scenes:

In A Distinctive Twist, Emona Replenishes Her Magical Powers By Consuming A Particular Substance, An Integral Element Of The Game’s Narrative. Emona Consumes Mp (Magic Points) When Using Her Magic, And These Can Be Restored By Partaking In A Unique Interaction With Her Attendant, Detao, Who Pulls Her Cart.

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Defeat Scenes Are Animated And Occur When Either Emona Or Detao Is Defeated In Action. Emona’s Defeat Scene Varies Based On The Weapon She Wields, And There Are Distinctions In Staff Weapons And The Orb System. Special Weapons Introduce Independent H Scenes.

As The Game Progresses, The Squeezing Volunteer Scene Takes On New Dimensions, With Hoon Etty, A Tool Shop Clerk, Showing An Increasing Interest In Magical Essence As An Item Material. The Interactions Become Progressively More Explicit As The Story Unfolds.

System Requirements:

For A Smooth Gaming Experience In “Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona,” Ensure Your System Meets The Minimum Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Or Better
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Storage: 500 Mb Available Space
Additional Notes: 1280×768 Or Better Display.

“Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona” Offers A Unique Blend Of Pixel Art Animation, Fantasy Adventure, And Explicit Content That Sets It Apart From Traditional Games. With A Captivating Story, Innovative Gameplay Features, And The Freedom To Customize Your Experience, It’s A Game That Promises A One-of-a-kind Adventure. Are You Ready To Step Into The Shoes Of Emona And Embrace This Magical And Explicit World? Venture Forth, And Unlock The Secrets That Await In “Goblin Hunter Wizard Emona.

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