Ejaculation Time

Ejaculation Time: The Enigmatic Tale Of Fox And Desire –¬†Embark On A Journey Into The Mystical World Of “Ejaculation Time,” An Erotic Game That Offers An Intriguing Blend Of Sensuality And Storytelling. This Captivating Experience Takes You Through A Narrative That Spans Generations, As You Follow The Protagonist, Jin, Through A Transformative Encounter With A Voluptuous Woman Adorned With Fox Ears. With A Low Price Point And A Wealth Of Content, This Practical Erotic Game Promises To Enthrall Those Who Seek A Tantalizing Narrative Woven Into An Adult-themed Adventure. Play Game

A Priceless Erotic Odyssey:

“Ejaculation Time” Offers An Intimate Adventure That Invites You To Explore Desire And Connection In A Unique And Immersive Manner. While The Game Is Steeped In Sensuality, It Also Weaves A Compelling Narrative That Will Engage Your Senses And Emotions. This Low-priced Erotic Game Provides Access To A Treasure Trove Of Content:

Key Features:

Over 60 Cgs: Immerse Yourself In The World Of “Ejaculation Time” Through Over 60 Captivating Cgs That Add Depth And Allure To The Narrative.

15 H-scenes: Engage In 15 Distinct H-scenes That Offer A Wide Range Of Erotic Experiences, Designed To Captivate Your Imagination.

Japanese Voice Acting: Experience The Authenticity And Depth Of The Main Female Character, Komachi, With Japanese Voice Acting That Brings Her Character To Life.

Protagonist’s Perspective: Traverse The Journey From Jin’s Viewpoint, Allowing You To Connect With The Story On A Personal Level.

Two Endings: The Game Offers Branching Pathways Leading To Two Distinct Endings, Offering Replayability And The Chance To Explore Different Outcomes.

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Cg Gallery Mode: Relive Your Favorite Moments By Revisiting The Cgs You’ve Encountered On Your Journey.

Scene Replay Mode: Enjoy Your Favorite Scenes Repeatedly And Relish The Artistry And Allure Of “Ejaculation Time.”

A Tale Of Love, Loss, And Rekindling:

The Storyline Of “Ejaculation Time” Is A Captivating Saga That Delves Into Themes Of Love, Loss, And Rediscovery. It All Began Centuries Ago When A Fox Girl Named Komachi Dared To Love A Human. The Implications Of Such A Love Proved Profound, As Humans Had Shorter Lifespans Than Her. Tragedy Unfolded, Leaving Komachi Widowed And Riddled With Regret.

She Retreated To A Secluded Shrine In A Quiet Mountain Village, Distancing Herself From Humans, Until One Fateful Day When She Found Jin, An Injured Boy Lost In The Mountains. She Extended Her Help To Him, Setting A Series Of Events In Motion That Would Alter The Course Of Their Lives.

Ten Years Later, Jin, Now An Adult, Has Forgotten The Incident That Brought Them Together. One Day, A Mysterious And Seductive Woman With Fox Ears Reenters His Life. This Woman Is None Other Than Komachi, Whose Allure And Sensuality Know No Bounds. Jin Is Thrust Into A World Of Desire, Longing, And Passion As Komachi Takes Him By The Hand And Guides Him Into A Realm Of Exquisite Pleasures.

Meet The Enigmatic Characters:

Komachi (Voiced By Akari Hazuki): Komachi Is A Fox Girl Who Once Shared An Extraordinary Connection With A Human. Her Life Was Forever Altered When She Was Left Widowed Due To The Human Lifespan Being Shorter Than Hers. She Dwelled In Solitude Until She Encountered Jin, Sparking A Newfound Curiosity In The World Of Humans. Only Jin Has The Ability To See Komachi In Her Fox Girl Form, And She Becomes A Central Figure In His Life.
System Requirements:

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Before You Embark On The Alluring Journey Of “Ejaculation Time,” Ensure Your System Meets The Minimum And Recommended Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / Amd Athlon 64 And Higher
Memory: 2 Gb Ram
Graphics: Over 800 X 600 Resolution Over Truecolor (32-bit)
Directx: Version 9.0
Storage: 700 Mb Available Space
Sound Card: Sound Card Compatible With Directsound
Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / Amd Phenom And Higher
Memory: 4 Gb Ram
Graphics: Over 800 X 600 Resolution Over Truecolor (32-bit)
Directx: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 Gb Available Space
Sound Card: Sound Card Compatible With Directsound

“Ejaculation Time” Offers A Rich Narrative Woven Into An Erotic Tapestry That Immerses You In The World Of Komachi And Jin. This Game, Designed For Those Who Appreciate Both Sensuality And Storytelling, Promises To Engage Your Emotions And Desires. Experience A Captivating Tale Of Love And Desire Across Generations And Embark On A Journey That Will Linger In Your Thoughts Long After The Game Ends.

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