EdgeLords Porn Game And Video

EdgeLords Porn Game

EdgeLords Porn Game : Engage In An Enthralling Face-off Against Your Sorceress Rivals And Seize Their Magical ‘essence’ For Your Own In This Fully-animated And Voice-acted Hentai Card Game! Play FREE

At The Fringes Of Existence Lies A Realm Known As The ‘edge’, Inhabited Only By The Most Resilient Sorceresses. However, There Can Only Be Room For One Ultimate Ruler – The Edgelord!

“Edgelords” Stands As A Strategic Boss-rush Card Game Infused With Elements Of Card Battling And Deck-building. Within This Game, Two Sorceresses Hurl Spells At Each Other And Conjure Minions To Establish Supremacy.

This Title Presents A Truly Unique Perspective On The Deck-building Genre, Boasting A Wealth Of Cards To Uncover And Utilize. Additionally, Unleash Climactic Powers That Release Devastating Abilities!

As You Progress Towards Absolute Supremacy, You’ll Enjoy Fully Voice-acted And Animated Hentai Sequences For Each Vanquished Opponent. Harvest Their ‘essence’ And Transform Them Into Devoted Thralls Adorning The Throne Of The Edge Lord.

Experience Death, Doom, And Destruction As The Dark Legion Takes The Stage, Orchestrated By Deathgrip, A Gothic Duluhan. Her Signature Attack, Reaper’s Blade, Acquires A Soul Gem Card With Each Execution.

Delve Into The Concealed Grove Nestled Within The Tree Of Life, Where The Love Fairy Melonie Can Be Found. Her Alluring Form Is Irresistible, Tempting Opponents With Temptation Cards That Are Almost Impossible To Resist.

Meet Ashka, The Most Formidable Warlock In The Realm. Despite Her Arrogance, Her Spells Wield Devastating Power, Particularly The Concussive Blast, Which Grows In Potency With Each Use.

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Emerging From A Fiery Portal In The Forbidden Woods, Lilith, A Demon Realm Assassin, Seeks To Claim The Title Of Lord. Though Lacking In Magic, She Compensates With Swift Action. Beware Of Hedonic Rush, Often Preceding Immediate Follow-up Attacks.

Game Features:

Over 200 Playable Cards
50+ Summonable Glyphs, Allies, And Minions
4 Playable Characters, Each Featuring 4 Erotic Outfits That Alter Their Deck Archetype
Unlock 12 Fully Animated, Multi-stage, Interactive Hentai Loops
Planned Support For Multiple Languages
Custom Full Illustrations By Dankodeadzone
Full Voice Acting By Vexoria The Sun Eater (Deathgrip), Ginnyfantasy (Melonie), Wubcake (Ashka), And Ginagalore (Lilith)

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