Criminal Cage

Criminal Cage: An Intriguing Erotic Escape Game –¬†Embark On A Thrilling Journey Into The World Of “Criminal Cage,” An Adult Game That Blends The Challenge Of An Escape Room With Animated Hentai Scenes. This Article Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The Game’s Content, Gameplay, Features, And System Requirements, Giving You An In-depth Understanding Of What To Expect From This Unique And Enticing Experience. Play Game

Unleash Your Desires:

“Criminal Cage” Is Not Your Typical Game; It Delves Into The Realm Of Erotic Fantasies And Thrilling Escapes. Your Primary Objective Is To Punish The Officer Who Resides At The End Of This Provocative Adventure. The Game’s Contents Are Geared Toward An Adult Audience, Providing A Unique And Titillating Experience.

Game Contents:

This First-person Escape Game Is Divided Into Three Distinct Phases, Each With Its Unique Challenges And Rewards:

1. Investigate And Unlock: Begin By Exploring The Scene, Scrutinizing Objects, And Seeking The Means To Unlock The Cage That Holds The Officer Captive.

2. Escape And Capture: Once You’ve Unlocked The Cage, Your Task Is To Escape And Capture The Officer. The Tension Rises As You Navigate The Game’s Challenges.

3. Enjoy The Rewards: After Capturing The Officer, It’s Time To Savor Your Victory. However, Remember To Keep An Eye On The Gauges, As Being Too Abrupt May Lead To Unforeseen Consequences.

Game Features:

“Criminal Cage” Offers A Range Of Features To Enhance Your Gaming Experience, Including:

Auto-save: The Game Ensures That Your Progress Is Automatically Saved At The Start Of Each Phase, Allowing You To Focus On Your Next Move.

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Variant Mini Games: Experience A Variety Of Mini-games That Add Diversity To The Gameplay, Ensuring That You’re Consistently Engaged.

Fully Animated Scenes: The Game Boasts Fully Animated Hentai Scenes That Provide A Visually Stimulating And Immersive Experience.

Multiple Positions: With A Selection Of Four Positions, You Have The Freedom To Explore Different Encounters Within The Game.

Unlock Free Mode: After Successfully Clearing The Game, You Gain Access To The Free Mode, Providing Even More Opportunities For Exploration And Enjoyment.

System Requirements:

Before You Embark On This Thrilling Escape Adventure, Make Sure Your System Meets The Necessary Requirements:


Operating System: Windows 7 (Sp1+), Windows 10, Or Windows 11
Processor: X86, X64 Architecture With Sse2 Instruction Set Support.
Memory: 8 Mb Ram
Graphics: Dx10, Dx11, Dx12 Capable
Storage: 150 Mb Available Space
A World Of Desire Awaits:

“Criminal Cage” Offers A Unique And Exhilarating Blend Of Escape Room Challenges And Fully Animated Hentai Scenes. Delve Into The Mysteries Of The Game’s Three Phases, Investigate The Scene, Unlock The Cage, Escape, And Capture The Officer, All While Keeping Your Desires In Check. The Game’s Unique Features, Including Auto-save, Variant Mini-games, Fully Animated Scenes, And Multiple Positions, Promise An Unforgettable Experience. Will You Rise To The Challenge And Embrace Your Desires?

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