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My 3D Girlfriends – True simulation of sex

My 3D Girlfriends (My3DGirlfriends) : Tired of games that only offer forward and backward mouse movements during gameplay? Are you craving something more interactive? My 3D Girlfriends is the best interactive sex simulation for your computer. Sexy girls realistically modeled in 3D using scanning technology. Everyone is waiting for you. An incredible story with impressive 3D action and adventure. Experience the real realistic animated sex. With our new physics engine, My 3D Girlfriends offers the most realistic 3D. Erotic HD quality interactive 3D video game in which you control and explore sexual fantasies in your own private XXX world. Unlock and collect realistic 3D worlds. Customize your own virtual girlfriend wherever she is a cheerleader, secretary, maid or dominatrix. An in-game custom editor lets you customize faces, makeup, age, breasts, and much more! PLAY NOW

My 3D Girlfriends - My 3D Girl friends

My3DGirlfriends – Awesome virtual sex

Check out the world’s highest rated 3D sex game. Experience awesome 3D virtual sex in real time! This is more than just Flash or passive video clips; My 3D Girlfriends is a real-time interactive 3D sex simulation role-playing game. With our new physics engine, My 3D Girlfriends offers the most realistic 3D sex on the market! It’s like you are there in person! Don’t miss out on any of the action! By selecting from six different camera angles, including close-up and point of view, you are completely immersed. There is even a PIP function to get a close-up view from many different angles! Weekly updates ensure that your My 3D Girlfriends experience is always new and exciting. My 3D Girlfriends has tons of content, sexy models, sexy locations, wacky poses, cool outfits, and sex toys. PLAY NOW

My3DGirlfriends - My 3D Girl friends

My 3D Girl friends (My 3D Girlfriends)

NOTHING IS OUT OF LIMITS! Fulfill your intimate fantasies like never before. No setting is too taboo and no hole is off limits. These horny babes are eager to offer every inch of their bodies to satisfy you! Let your imagination run wild as you fulfill your exotic fantasies! Welcome to the next generation of 3D sex games where you will enjoy an immersive sexual experience like never before. This is real interactivity, real control, REAL virtual sex! PLAY NOW

My3DGirlfriends – Incredible quality and camera angles

HD quality erotic 3D interactive video game where you control and explore sexual fantasies in your own private world. Unlock 3D worlds and customize your own virtual girlfriend. Be it a cheerleader, a secretary, a maid or a dominatrix. With our in-game character editor, the possibilities are endless. Customize their faces, makeup, age, breasts and genitals. You choose the camera angles, you choose the action, you choose the speed. This is 100% personalized adult interactive game at its finest. PLAY NOW

My3DGirlfriends - My 3D Girlfriends

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