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If you loved watching every episode of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, you are guaranteed to fall in love all over again when you join the incredible Game of Whores parody. The game has stellar graphics and the hot girls turn into seductive sex goddesses who are ready, willing and certainly capable of all the dirty sex acts you ask of them to absolute perfection. But this is not the only sex game that you will have free access to when you create an account on the Game of Whores website.

As I said before, with your membership you will get free entry to other famous superheroes where the sex industry has turned them into well-endowed sex champions. Take a look at the likes of Batman and Robin, Thor, Incredible Hulk, XMen, and Ironman, now called Ironcock. It is actually a very prominent premium website called My User Vault that provides access to this huge collection of adult games. In their huge playground, as you already know, they offer a variety of popular porn parodies, but they also feature extremely popular games like Trondage, Gotham Sluts, Grand Fuck Auto, and Game of whores, which are titles that I highly recommend.

If you like fantasy action where vampires, zombies, goblins and elves continually roam the earth looking for crazy and hot beauties to rape in every way imaginable, you’re in luck. And it’s not just the graphics that are great, the soundtracks are, too. When you first access the homepage, you will be amazed by a ton of free webcams, plus there is an entire section designated for adult hentai / manga games that offer hundreds of hours of raw and uncensored porn images. And if you don’t think that’s enough, there are premium sites like XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD that provide a section of full-length movies with a whopping 1,000 XXX hardcore DVDs. Mind you, every sex category you can think of is represented here, from lesbian, black and Asian to bukkake, anal and gangbangs, just to name a few.

At Game of Whores they have an entire division dedicated to outrageously attractive, full-figured girls, and all you do is use multiple mouse clicks to see your special slattern stream. I also like to mention that Game of Whores has some difficult tasks to decode, but in the end I found myself quite proud of my accomplishments while having a great time playing the game. I got tired of Zombie Gangbang, Gravesite Profaration, Suicide Squad Whore, and Vampire Threesome, which I think you will enjoy too. Besides the sex games, DVDs, and porn parodies, they also have a cool picture section with vanilla sprouts to salivate.

The Game of Whores is ready to rock your gaming world, many more notable porn parodies to try, category-specific rendered porn with fantasy content, bonus sites with over 300 erotically exciting video games – Play Now

Game of Lust

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